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I'm Valery. Texas born and raised, currently living in Denver with my husband and two pups. I'm a recovering shopaholic, currently having a no-buy year and learning more about who I am (while saving a bunch of money).

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Serenity Now!

If you’ve been reading blogs for the last few years, you KNOW coming up with a word of the year is the thing to do! I’ve done it for the last five or so years, and I’ll admit sometimes it’s…

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Reflecting on 2019

AKA where have I been since the end of 2018. Goal making is great, and now is the season to look ahead BUT how often do we take the time to actually reflect? We spend so much time go-go-going that…

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Goodbye, Fiercely.

Hey y’all! This post was written in the summer of 2019. I wanted to go ahead and put it here since my shop blog no longer exists but this is a very important part of my story. Well y’all, I’ll…

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Baby Come Back (okay, I did)

I’ve been “going to get back into blogging” for about three months now. I am fairly certain everyone around me is tired of hearing me mention it….I know I am. So here I am. I’m blogging! As you may already…

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