Accidental 80s Glam

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You know those rare occasions when something gone VERY wrong turns into something awesome? That is 100% this look.

I’ve been wanting a perm for a whiiiiiile but you can’t really perm bleached hair and I’m not willing to give up my colored hair, sooooo a perm isn’t in my future, sadly. I LOVE curls so I decided to give rag curls a spin – I haven’t done them since my hair was super short, so I know things would look really different this time around. If you’ve never tried rag curls before, I give the details on how to do them in this very old post. 🙂

My plan was to have manageable curls all over (I’m embarrassed to admit this but….) my inspiration was Taylor Swift from the Look What You Made Me Do video. Instead I ended up looking like “cotton candy Annie” as my friend Stephanie called it lol. It was so bad (and hilarious). My hair is definitely not cut to be *that* curly so it just looked ridiculous. I quickly realized putting it up was my best option and I remembered a tutorial I had seen before for a curly fauxhawk. I used this tutorial and it was SO EASY! It took me less than five minutes, it got the curls out my face, and dang y’all, it looked REALLY cool. I felt like I was channeling 80s glam and y’all know I’m all about that life.

Sooooo I decided to run with it. I went with a really 80s inspired makeup look with tons of blush and no contour, because duh. I did a neutral eye and red lip a-la Hayley Williams in the new Rose-Colored Boy music video. I don’t think she had a fauxhawk but from the front, it was pretty spot on. I knew this was my perfect chance to debut my big gold hoop earrings – all my childhood dreams came true with these earrings, y’all.

I kept the outfit kiiiind of simple (I said kind of!) with black jeans, a velvet bodysuit and a vintage 1980s fur coat. Since whole the look leaned really 80s, I wanted to keep the bottom half relatively modern with skinnies and my favorite black booties.

I just wanted to share this whole process with you guys as a reminder to try something new. Even if you don’t have colorful hair or you don’t typically wear bright makeup…don’t be afraid to do something that’s a little “out there” for your normal style! Worst case scenario, it doesn’t look great and you redo it with something you’re more comfortable with. Best case scenario, it turns into something you love and totally inspires you!


3 thoughts on “Accidental 80s Glam

  1. AHHHHBSESSED WITH YOUR HEAD!!!! The makeup, the hair colors, the curls, and the ‘hawk! It’s such a LEWK and you are killing. Selfishly, I want to see you in like an ’80s-esque little red dress to really lean into your color palette here, but I also understand the desire to go neutral with the rest of the look 😉

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