How New Pants Changed My Life

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It’s amazing what a pair of pants that fit you can do for your confidence (or in my case, like four pants). I’ve been out of practice here on this blog for a while and I couldn’t really figure out why. I was busy, but I’m always busy so that’s not really anything new. And then, I saw this tweet from my friend Kim.

And I thought about how I was always squeezing into my pants. Feeling like I was “too big” for everything and hating how I looked. I’ve tried to thrift some pants lately but I haven’t been successful (sizing on vintage jeans is RIDICULOUS) so I decided to just bite the bullet and buy some new jeans. I’d love to tell you I bought one pair of really great jeans but let’s be honest, that’s not my style lol. Instead I bought four pairs of jeans at Target (including another pair of my favorite jeans, but in a size down because these bad boys stretch out a lot).

And WOWWWWW I feel like my life changed. My confidence skyrocketed and I was COMFORTABLE. I seriously forgot what it felt like to have jeans that fit me. It sounds wild, but I bet a lot of you have experienced this too.

I’ve been thinking about my body a lot lately as we enter the season of “don’t overeat” and then (shudder) the season of “you need to lose weight.” I’m fighting HARD to love my body as it is and not worry about things being flattering. I’m going to wear stuff that fits me so I can feel comfortable and I’m going to keep wearing interesting things because no one should have a boring wardrobe. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. Which is totally fine, too.

A few pieces of advice for surviving the holiday season:

  • Eat those rolls if you want ‘em. Same goes for dessert, mac and cheese, and whatever else is served.
  • Get you a pair of pants that fits GREAT.
  • Stay off the scale.
  • Exercise because it makes you feel good, not because you need to “burn off” your meals.
  • Don’t let anyone shame you for your size, your weight, what’s on your plate, or how many servings you’ve had.
  • Eat small portions because then you get to have like four dinners and that’s just plain fun.



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