Naked Heat Palette Eyeshadow Palette Review

You’ve probably already seen it ALL over Instagram, YouTube and your favorite blogs but I’m here to give you an honest review of the Naked Heat eyeshadow palette. I bought this palette with my own money (hey Urban Decay, can I get on your PR list? lol) so I’m here to lay it all out – the good, the bad and the ugly! This is actually my first Urban Decay Naked palette (gasp!) so I was thrilled to give it a try. To make it easy, here are the pros and cons.

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Mail Monday + I’m in Denver, now!

Well friends, I’m officially a Denver resident now! My husband and I are all moved in (well, lots of boxes but ya know) and so far we’re loving it! Of course I miss my Dallas friends and family so bad, but other than that life is pretty much perfect here. So if y’all could all move to Denver that would be greaaaaat.

Since I’m officially a homeowner, get excited for some home decor posts in the near future! For now, you can follow along with some of my mini projects in my Instagram Stories. Spoiler alert: right now, I’m repainting a HOT pink room and I still have a turquoise one left!

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t done Mail Monday in quite a while so most of these packages are a few weeks old (sorry!) It’s been really crazy moving but things are falling back into place and I’m so happy to have some great content lined up for you guys. Get ready for more fashion and beauty, comin’ atcha! For now….let’s celebrate Mail Monday!

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The BEST Mascara ever *plus* 15 Mascaras Ranked

The best mascara EVER is included in this post (and yep, it’s a drugstore mascara, too!) Click through for the best and worst mascaras, ranked!The other day I realized I have WAY too many mascaras so instead of just throwing them all out – why not do a review for you guys?! In an ideal world I would have categories and ratings for each thing buuuut that’s not going to happen. Instead, I put all of these on in one afternoon (removing after each application, duh) and wrote down my thoughts. The good news is, I already had notes on most of these mascaras and everything was dead on with what I had written previously so everything here should be accurate! Skip down to number one for my pick for the best mascara I’ve ever used (and yes…it’s drugstore)!

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Bronzing and Contouring for Fair Skin

Bronzing and contouring for fair skin - bronzing and contouring can be scary, especially if you have fair skin! Click through for tips on bronzer for fair skin and contouring makeup including the best contouring products, best bronzer and more!Contouring has been all the rage for quite some time now – we seem to be slipping out of the era of the extreme contour but (I think) a subtle contour will always be in style. Plus bronzer has been around for ages! The trend changes and sometimes we’re a lot more bronzed than others but we all love being at least a little sun kissed.

The problem is, if you’re fair skinned….you can turn into a pumpkin FAST. It’s not cute and I’ve been there so many times it’s embarrassing to admit. A little too much looks like a *lot* too much, whether we’re talking bronzer or contour so…today I’m here to help! After lots and lots of trial and error, I’ve found a few products that I simply cannot get enough of! So fellow fair skinned babes, this one’s for you!

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