How New Pants Changed My Life

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It’s amazing what a pair of pants that fit you can do for your confidence (or in my case, like four pants). I’ve been out of practice here on this blog for a while and I couldn’t really figure out why. I was busy, but I’m always busy so that’s not really anything new. And then, I saw this tweet from my friend Kim.

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Halloween Movie Watch List

I know things have been a little heavy around here lately so I thought it might be fun to accompany this American Horror Story Coven inspired look with a little list of spooky Halloween movies I put together! I’m not into SUPER scary movies so you won’t find too many of those on there – definitely let me know if I’m missing anything major….bonus points if it’s on streaming devices!

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DIY Blog Photography – aka How to Teach Someone to Take Photos of You

I always swore that I would never be a blogger who blog about blogging. It’s just not for me. So I was a little hesitant to write today’s post, however, I got SUCH great feedback on my IG stories when I asked so I decided to go for it. Also, although I think Blogger can really benefit from this post, it’s something everyone can use! After all, how many times have you passed your phone or camera off to someone else, only to be severely disappointed by the photo when you take a look at it a few minutes later.

So today we’re chatting specifically about how to have a friend/significant other/family member take great photos of you. This doesn’t work as well for strangers because it is going to take some time! Ideally the same person (or couple of people) will be behind the camera for this method to really work. Okay okay, here’s how to get pro-level photos from someone who is NOT a pro.

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STFU Susan and the Damage of White Women

“STFU Susan.” A new feminist rally cry (hear me out).

In case you missed it, Susan Sarandon gave an interview at TIFF and said the most “significant” thing Trump has done is that he has inspired women to run for office. “You never saw that population running.”



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Saying Goodbye to this Blog (sort of)

It’s time for a change.

It’s no secret that I’ve been pretty disconnected from this space for….a while now. I pop on here and there with a post (and honestly I’ve only been posting stuff I REALLY care about) but I’m still so disengaged. I can’t tell you the last time I looked at my stats. It just doesn’t feel like my space anymore.

You see, over the last year I have fallen head over heels in love with Fiercely. My blog has always been about me, and for a while….I liked that! It was fun. But now, I am longing for something that creates more of a community. And even though Fiercely is still growing, it feels so much more important to me than Valery Brennan (the blog) ever was. Wow, it’s weird to say that.

Sooooo what does this all mean?

My blog is not going away. Let me be clear about that.

But things are changing. Yes there will still be fashion and beauty content, after all, that is still a passion of mine. But it’s also going to be laced with feminism, behind the scenes looks at Fiercely, styled products, news, guest posts (!!!) etc. This will be a blog that supports my shop, instead of vice versa.

When I rebranded Everyday Unicorns to Fiercely by Valery Brennan, I thought that was the best way to connect the brand to the blog. But I’m still realizing it’s not enough. So after a lot of deliberation…I’m renaming this blog. For a third time, actually, but most of you weren’t around for the “I’m Getting There” days (shoutout to my OG readers who were!!!)

Valery Brennan (blog) is now Live Fiercely.

Fiercely by Valery Brennan is simply Fiercely.


It feels so crazy to put that into the universe, but now it’s out there.

You can still go to (at least for a while) so don’t worry if you forget! But don’t be startled when you see a new header and new content. This isn’t final final, but here’s a little sneak peek…

The secret’s out and now it’s time to make moves. Stay with me while I make changes but don’t you worry, I already have another post ready for you next week… to teach your significant other/family/friends to take photos of you! So stoked to share this HIGHLY requested post.

Thanks for sticking around with me – now let’s live fiercely….together.