How New Pants Changed My Life

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It’s amazing what a pair of pants that fit you can do for your confidence (or in my case, like four pants). I’ve been out of practice here on this blog for a while and I couldn’t really figure out why. I was busy, but I’m always busy so that’s not really anything new. And then, I saw this tweet from my friend Kim.

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An Open Letter to Survivors | Guest Post

Hello, friends – Valery here! Today I am so excited to have another guest post to share with you. Tori is an AMAZING woman that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know here in Denver. Also one quick note since tomorrow is election day….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get out there and vote. It’s so important, it’s your civic duty, and if you’re a woman and/or person of color there are so many people who have come before us to fight for our rights to vote! We owe it to them AND ourselves!

An Open Letter to Survivors

By Tori Nicole, Women’s Sexual Health Educator

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Halloween Movie Watch List

I know things have been a little heavy around here lately so I thought it might be fun to accompany this American Horror Story Coven inspired look with a little list of spooky Halloween movies I put together! I’m not into SUPER scary movies so you won’t find too many of those on there – definitely let me know if I’m missing anything major….bonus points if it’s on streaming devices!

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Empowering Women Through Art – Guest Post

Note from Valery: Hi! This is another guest post showcasing an amazing woman artist and fellow Denver business owner. Tiffany is an artist and the owner of Paint Me Nickel – make sure to go give her Facebook page some love. Just as a content warning, this post does discuss sexual assault and violence against women, but I think it’s a really important one to share, especially in today’s political climate. 

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DIY Blog Photography – aka How to Teach Someone to Take Photos of You

I always swore that I would never be a blogger who blog about blogging. It’s just not for me. So I was a little hesitant to write today’s post, however, I got SUCH great feedback on my IG stories when I asked so I decided to go for it. Also, although I think Blogger can really benefit from this post, it’s something everyone can use! After all, how many times have you passed your phone or camera off to someone else, only to be severely disappointed by the photo when you take a look at it a few minutes later.

So today we’re chatting specifically about how to have a friend/significant other/family member take great photos of you. This doesn’t work as well for strangers because it is going to take some time! Ideally the same person (or couple of people) will be behind the camera for this method to really work. Okay okay, here’s how to get pro-level photos from someone who is NOT a pro.

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