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diversity-chic-spring-4784It’s spring and I feel like I’ve been soaking up every minute of spring weather before the triple digit Texas summer hits! (Although last year we had a pretty mild summer so…fingers crossed).

You know the drill for spring fashion – pastels, floral, lace, etc. While those are all fine and dandy, at this particular moment they’re just not my thing. Now that doesn’t mean in two months I won’t be rocking some floral but at this particular moment, it’s not what I’m gravitating towards. I’ve been pulling out more neutrals from my closet in comfortable but chic silhouettes – which is exactly what this look is. Then to make it more seasonally appropriate, I just accessorize! Also spring makeup…which I might’ve gone a little crazy with here. I blame the Vice 4 palette.

diversity-chic-spring-5104diversity-chic-spring-5295For this shoot, my favorite little spot in Carrollton, The Vintage House, let us choose some accessories to feature for Diversity Chic. Y’all it was like I was hunting through my dream closet! Selecting my accessories was NOT easy, but I ended up grabbing this gorgeous faux leather Vera Bradley purse. Honestly I’ve been eyeing the yellow faux leather Veras for quite a while now – it’s just such a gorgeous color!

diversity-chic-spring-5091diversity-chic-spring-5050Then, hello, can we talk about this Kendra Scott necklace?! Turquoise is huge right now, and y’all know I love a good statement necklace. The great thing about turquoise is you can really style it to match all four seasons, so it’s not going to be something you only wear a few months out of the year.

diversity-chic-spring-5070 diversity-chic-spring-4793diversity-chic-spring-5436If you’re in the Dallas area, I really recommend scoping out The Vintage House. It really has become my go-to place for gifts, there’s always something unique and the quality is unmatched. If you’re looking for Vera Bradley or Kendra Scott, they’ve got a huge selection without having to deal with the crowds or parking nightmares. And the smiling faces of all the lovely people who work there really can’t be beat. PLUS you’re supporting a local business. You can’t ask for much more, in my opinion.

diversity-chic-spring-4731 diversity-chic-spring-4878

Per usual, thanks to Stephanie Drenka and Holden Hostetler for the amazing photos

We did almost no planning ahead of time this month but I love how our outfits ended up kind of coordinating anyway! Make sure to check out everyone’s posts because we all definitely have different takes on spring fashion.

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What are you wearing this spring? Are you keeping it neutral like me or are you pulling out all the stops and wearing those pastels and florals?


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