Nailing the Fishnet Tights Trend – Outfits With Fishnet Tights

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Fishnets. Wow, oh wow the fishnet tights trend is a polarizing one. Fishnets kind of had a “moment” the last year or so – that moment seems to be waning but I firmly believe fishnets will always be “in style” if you have the right attitude.

I’ve always loved fishnets. Really. Even as a kid, in the 90s, when they were associated with all things “trashy.” I just always loved the element of interest they could bring to an otherwise simple outfit. It’s SUCH an easy way to crank up the edge on a standard look. Your outfit goes from “I wore denim shorts because it’s too hot for jeans” to “Don’t mess with me, please.” Which is honestly my favorite aesthetic. Y’all know this.

Shirt: Thrifted (Buffalo Exchange) | Bolo tie: Thrifted (Buffalo Exchange) | Jacket: Charlotte Russe (old) | Shorts: American Eagle (old) | Tights: Boohoo | Shoes: c/o Timberland/Zappos (available here)

I posted a photo from this shoot on IG stories and asked for suggestions on what to write about – I was just feeling a little stuck, and y’all always have the best suggestions! I got some great ideas, but ultimately decided to go with Mia’s suggestion of “how to style fishnets.” So simple. So smart. We’re tackling the fishnet tights trend together, cuties.

I’ve styled fishnets quite a lot in the past, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity for a roundup of some older looks.

The quick and dirty on why I love fishnets:

  1. They make me feel more comfortable with shorts. (They’re great for camouflaging cellulite, if that’s an insecurity for you like it is for me!)
  2. As mentioned above, they make any outfit look edgier.
  3. They layer easily with pants, shorts, skirts, you name it!
  4. They’re surprisingly comfortable.
  5. You can wear them year round.
  6. They go with just about any shoe (I mean come on, I’m wearing them with Timberlands, lol.)

Tips for nailing the fishnet tights trend:

Don’t be afraid to be extra.

Honestly, that’s kind of my life motto but I know in general fishnets can feel like….a lot. And they are. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to tone down the rest of your look if you don’t want to. There’s a lot happening with this look but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

If you’re worried about looking too casual, wear at least one “classic” piece to kind of ground the look.

I know it has a crazy print, but wearing a button down instead of a more casual top helped this outfit a lot. Button downs, blazers, cardigans, anything that’s typically more conservative or professional will do the trick.

Wear your fishnets under dressy shorts

(Bonus points if they’re high waisted and you can pair a crop top, too!) So you’ll definitely be seeing this formula again in the near future. I just bought some ADORABLE high waisted shorts with a bow but, “adorable” isn’t usually my aesthetic. Fishnets and some badass shoes take you from Clueless cast member to the Craft cast member in no time. Click here for more details on this look.

Layer them under distressed denim.

This tip isn’t totally seasonally appropriate, but this look is too good to leave out. *Pats self on back* The fishnets bring more visual interest to your jeans, but they also keep you warmer soooo that’s a win/win, my friends. More on this winter look here!

Style your fishnets with a denim skirt and a graphic tee or sweatshirt

Denim skirts are back, baby! I always want to avoid looking like I stepped out of 2006 (which is the last time I wore denim skirts) and fishnets are the perfect way to help accomplish that. Leave the fitted polo shirts at home, y’all. Click here for more on this look.

Pair them with a big ol’ sweater

Grab your favorite granny sweater, denim shorts and thigh high boots for an unexpectedly edgy look. This combo is especially great if you live in a place where fall/winter weather is still pretty warm but you want to feel a bit more seasonally appropriate. Click here for more on this look.

Transition seasons with fishnets!

Use your fishnets to transition seasons with low booties and a duster. Also denim shorts (sensing a pattern here?). Suddenly, what would have been a summery look is more fall appropriate with the addition of tights, booties and a light cardigan or duster. Click here for more tips on transitioning your wardrobe to a new season.

Make your simple outfits just a little cooler

A simple skater skirt and graphic tee suddenly looks like “a look” when you add fishnets and heeled booties! Bonus points if your booties have a cool texture, pattern, or something else to give them more visual interest. Click here to see more of this crop top outfit!

Okayyyy I think that’s enough tips for now 🙂 If you have any questions about fishnets (or anything else), don’t hesitate to ask!


4 thoughts on “Nailing the Fishnet Tights Trend – Outfits With Fishnet Tights

  1. I love the distressed denim style!! Great way to test out the trend and ease your comfort level. Bookmarking for when it’s colder weather again here.

    1. Yessss! It’s so fun to just get a “peek” of the fishnets – just the right amount of edgy 🙂

  2. I love this post. I’ve always wanted to try and add more fishnets to my wardrobe but wasn’t always sure the best way to do it. And I always forget that they come in different sizes/styles!

    1. Yay, I’m so glad it was helpful!!! Definitely send me a picture when you give them a try!

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