Life Update + June Small Goals

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Happy Monday, friends! I’m writing this post from my bedroom – one of the only rooms in our house that isn’t a *total* disaster. Our entire place is packed up and ready to move to Denver….which is just plain nuts. Our original move date was July 1 but due to some circumstances outside our control that I’m too lazy to explain, we’re moving early!

If I’m being honest, right now  most of my feelings are pretty negative. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but I also want to be totally honest. I mean I know deep down it’s going to be SO fun being a homeowner and living in such an amazing place, but moving three weeks earlier than anticipated is really taking it’s toll on me. I’m exhausted constantly, I’m really sad about leaving friends and family behind and I’m just on edge all the time. So if you see me tread lightly….I wish I was kidding about that haha.

SO that’s where things are right now. Let’s review last month’s small goals, shall we? Per usual, I am linking up with the lovely and wonderful Nicole of Writes Like a Girl.

  1. Hit my sales goal for Everyday Unicorns – Nope. Straight up nope.
  2. Send out at least one newsletter – YES. Oh y’all, I spent hours making this happen but I’ve finally got everything up and running with my newsletter! I sent out the first one in over six months (oops) this past week, and now newsletters will go out every single Tuesday. Pro tip: I’ll be running a giveaway this week so make sure to sign up for the newsletter once the giveaway goes live tomorrow!
  3. Spend more time marketing – Hmm. This one is kind of a toss up, but probably no. My time has been stretched really thin lately and marketing wasn’t at the top of my mind, unfortunately.
  4. Work out four times a week – YES! I’m en route to perfect attendance for my very last Kaia Brik session (*sobs*) and I’m really stoked about it!
  5. Drink 8+ cups of water per day – Nailed this one too! Honestly I might’ve missed a day or two, but I’ve been consistent so I’m giving myself a win. It has definitely improved my overall health and I’m excited to continue drinking plenty of water.

Considering how this past month went, I’m feeling good about 3 out of 5. For the month of June, I’m keeping it REALLY simple. Part of self care (for me) is knowing my limits and with a cross country move, things are going to be stretched pretty thin for me.

  1. Blog at least once per week – My blogging is definitely going to slow down this month, but I want to maintain a consistent presence. I’m hoping for two posts per week but one is the bare minimum.
  2. Continue working out after our move – I really don’t want to lose my momentum with physical fitness so I’m challenging myself to keep my fitness in check. It might be less intense, but just *something* 4 times a week is important.
  3. Take care of myself – I’m going to need to spend lots of time focused on self care this month and that’s okay. Time to make it a priority!

Thanks for sticking around, y’all. I love each and every one of you and I can’t wait to get settled in Denver and get this train back on track!


5 thoughts on “Life Update + June Small Goals

  1. It’s amazing the difference that water makes! I made that change a couple of years ago, and now I average drinking 3+ liters of water a day, sometimes less on weekends or more if I have an intense workout. It’s become normal for me and my body just craves it now.

  2. OOF moving three weeks early sounds awful! Your state of constant stress and exhaustion seems totally normal (unfortunately). I hope the move goes well! I’m amazed you accomplished any of your May goals with all that going on!! And self-care is a great goal for June.

  3. Nice job with your goals last month! And I definitely commend you for keeping June simple. It sounds like you’ve got plenty going on without trying to stretch yourself thin with some excessive goals on top of it all. I hope the move goes well and you get settle in fairly easily!

  4. Packing and moving can be the worst, it’s just so stressful, not to mention having to do it 3 weeks earlier than you planned! You fully have the right to be a Debbie Downer if you feel like it! I think scaling down your goals and focusing on the essentials is a good plan for this month! I hope your move goes smoothly and I’ll have to hit you up next time I’m in Denver!

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