EASY Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Easiest Halloween costume ever! Click through for a tutorial on this adorable cat makeup using makeup you (probably) already have! Just add cat ears and your cat costume is complete! | Halloween costume ideas | easy Halloween costume | cat Halloween costume | last minute costume idea

You’ve seen my love for Halloween and dressing up here and here – so I figure why not treat you to another Halloween post?! Not sure what to dress up as? I’ve got you covered – this costume is actually perfect for any age or gender! I have to laugh a little at myself because this costume always reminds me of Mean Girls – “I’m a mouse, duh.” But I think taking a little extra time on the makeup to get the perfect cat face really puts this one over the top! The good news is, you’ll probably already have everything you need in your makeup case and closet! Except maybe cat ears, but of course I have an inexpensive solution for that too!Easiest Halloween costume ever! Click through for a tutorial on this adorable cat makeup using makeup you (probably) already have! Just add cat ears and your cat costume is complete! | Halloween costume ideas | easy Halloween costume | cat Halloween costume | last minute costume ideaIMG_2633web

The Outfit:

Keep it simple! All black will do just fine – leggings, pants, leotard….whatever you already have! I chose to go with black leggings and a short sleeved black t shirt. Shoes don’t really matter much, to be honest. I threw on heels for fun (even though they’re navy!) but if I was wearing this for a longer period of time I would wear black flats or sneakers. Just make it blend with the rest of your outfit.

Easiest Halloween costume ever! Click through for a tutorial on this adorable cat makeup using makeup you (probably) already have! Just add cat ears and your cat costume is complete! | Halloween costume ideas | easy Halloween costume | cat Halloween costume | last minute costume idea

The Ears:

I bought my ears at the Target dollar section about a month ago, I haven’t seen them recently at Target but it might be worth a shot. If not, make your own! I found this SUPER cute tutorial – it says to sew the ears but to be honest I’d just use some hot glue and call it done! Click here for the tutorial!


The Makeup:

Here’s what you’ll need to create this look –

  • your normal foundation and under eye concealer
  • black eyeliner (waterproof pencil and liquid) (suggested liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner)
  • matte brown eyeshadow – you want matte because you’re going to use this shadow to contour (use black if your skin tone is much darker than mine)
  • black lipliner – you can also use pencil eyeliner, you’ll just want to clean it with a makeup wipe before putting it on your lips (suggested lipliner, currently out of stock online)
  • a small/medium brush to blend out your nose and cheek contour (something like this brush or a little larger will work just fine)
  • eyebrow pencil or whatever you usually fill them with – if you don’t usually fill them, check out my tutorial here then just use the same matte brown shadow we’re using for everything else
  • translucent powder (suggested powder)
  • concealer that’s lighter than your skin tone (suggested concealer)
  • blush (optional)
  • nude or light pink lip color (optional)


And here’s what to do! It’s a lot of steps but hopefully I made it clear enough. Feel free to leave a comment if there’s something that doesn’t make sense!!!

  1. Apply foundation like normal, but make sure to cover your lips as well. Give the foundation ample time to dry before you do anything else!
  2. Fill in your eyebrows – don’t forget to check out this tutorial if you don’t know how!
  3. Lightly apply the translucent powder all over your face to set your foundation and eyebrows.
  4. Use a shading brush to define your eye crease – just get some product on the brush and sweep it back and forth along the crease. If you’re not comfortable with applying eye shadow, you can always skip this step, I just like to give the eyes a little more dimension.
  5. Using the pencil eyeliner, line all the way around your eyes as evenly as possible. Then go back and tightline your upper and lower waterlines – the upper is kind of irritating so if you’re not comfortable with that just do the lower! This step IS optional but it’s going to REALLY make your eyes pop so try to do it if you can!
  6. Use your small/medium brush to slowly trace along the outside edge of your nose. Just keep adding small amounts and blending until you get the look you’d like. Also continue over your eyebrows that you filled in. You want it to basically trace from the outermost edge of your eyebrow to the bottom of your nose.
  7. Take your concealer and make a line down the middle of your nose and carefully blend. This just helps define the nose even more than the shading on the outside. You should start to see a bit of a cat face now!
  8. Back to the eyes – now’s time for the hardest part but you’ve got this! Take your liquid liner (or pencil if you have it, your eyes just won’t be quite as sharp) and draw a straight line from where your eyeliner is on the corner of your eye already straight out towards your eyebrow. You can make it pretty dang long – we want this to be an exaggerated look. Then just use your best judgment to clean up the liner – you might need to do another line to make it more of a “triangle,” if that makes sense at all. If not, watch one of the many tutorials on winged liner and just do an exaggerated/larger version for your cat eye.
  9. To make your eyes look more like a costume, you also want to give yourself an inner wing (I made that up, please don’t embarrass yourself by calling it that in front of anyone else). Take your liquid liner and just extend the line from the inner corner of your eye in towards your nose. It might take a few tries to get the angle right so have some makeup wipes handy! You can always touch the brown shadow contour back up.
  10. The hard part’s done! Take your black pencil eyeliner and draw in a nose. I like to keep mine pretty small! Then use that liner and draw a vertical line down between your nostrils to your cupids bow.
  11. Either wipe off your eyeliner with a makeup wipe OR use your black lip liner to fill in your top lip ONLY. Start by just lining it and then fill the whole lip. Don’t worry if your lines aren’t perfect, you can always clean them up with some concealer!
  12. Draw two curved lines on either side of your mouth with the lip or eyeliner (doesn’t really matter). I’m not going to explain this further, you know what they look like.
  13. Use the pencil liner to draw in your whiskers! I like to do them more between my nose and mouth instead of across the WHOLE cheek but you can do whatever you prefer
  14. I like to add a little blush and contouring on my cheeks but this is totally optional. You can also go back in with a powder highlighter under your eyes (down to where the whiskers start) and down the middle of your nose to give more definition.
  15. Another optional step is to put a nude or light pink color on your bottom lip. You want it to be something that REALLY sets so you don’t have any transferring onto your top lip!
  16. FINALLY add some false eyelashes if you’re comfortable with them OR just pile on the mascara. Define those eyes, girl!!!

You’re finished! Wasn’t that easy?




How to Fake Pouty Lips – a la Kylie Jenner

How to Get

Say what you want about the Kardashian/Jenner clan but the ladies have their style and beauty game down pat. Kylie has been on the public radar for a minute now, and people just won’t stop talking about her lips. They’re gorgeous. I’m not going to teach you how to overdraw like she does but I AM going to show you an easy way to get pouty lips like Kylie!

There are a few different ways to make your lips look pouty but I’m 100% sure this is the easiest one and you probably won’t even have to buy anything! All you need is two shades of lipstick – one lighter, one darker.

Full disclosure: I am NOT a beauty blogger and trying to get some decent photos was NOT easy, y’all. Bless Stephanie Drenka for pulling out all the stops and getting a few where I didn’t look absolutely insane. Last photo is by Sevi of Ware is the Vodka.

First thing’s first, get your lips ready. EXFOLIATE, people! I love this e.l.f. lip exfoliator and it’s only $3. It’s nice because it acts as a moisturizer too. I try to use it at least a few times a week. I have super dry, flaky lips and this at least kind of helps keep it at bay. After you’ve exfoliated your lips, put some more moisture back in with some good ol’ lip balm. Then do something else for a while so the lip balm can do it’s thing and soak in, otherwise your lipstick will slide right off.

This photo cracks me up because I HAVE to have a before photo and this is the best one from the day. It reminds me of informercial before and after pics where the before photo is SO bad and the person is frowning with disheveled hair….sadly, I did not plan for the before photo to be so terrible…hahaha. Anyway, here’s what my lips look like sans lipstick.

Okay, now you’re ready for the real deal. Get your “main” color lipstick – it can be anything. To prove this method works with any lip color, I opted for a nice light purple lipstick – NYX Macaron Lippies in Royal Purple ($6).

IMG_0886webNow apply that color all over your lips like you normally would (if you use a lipliner, do that too…just do what you would normally). I didn’t line or use a lip primer – this lipstick has awesome pigment and staying power on its own so I didn’t worry about it.


Now, take a washcloth (paper towel works too) and carefully blot just the VERY center of your lips on both the top and bottom. Don’t go all the way to the edge! But if you do, you can just touch that up later.


Next, grab lipstick that’s a few shades lighter than your main color. If your main color is a medium pink, grab a super light pink. You get the idea. The main thing is make sure the finish is similar. If you’re nervous about this, you can always buy two lipsticks from the same collection (NYX Matte lipstick in Street Cred and Pale Pink, etc). Just don’t use a shimmery lipstick as your main color and a matte for your light color. I used a lipstick I got for free from Bauble Bar, Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom Lipstick in Lilac Flush 725 ($8).


Take the lighter color and apply it over the area you just blotted off. Duh.


Don’t forget your top lip!


Now carefully rub your lips together to blend (don’t do it too much or you’ll end up with an ombre look…which is also pretty but not what we’re going for). Once you’ve blended, you can always go back and add more of the lighter color on top!

Here’s the finished product….I promise I’m not pouting my lips out or anything, it seriously makes a HUGE difference!


If  you need it, do some touchups with the darker color and go on your merry way! Make sure to take both lipsticks with you just in case. Hopefully this makes sense, if you have any questions or anything, definitely let me know in the comments.


Tutorial: Coconut oil hair mask

Hey y’all!

So, in case you haven’t noticed…I bleach my hair. As much as I absolutely LOVE the color, my hair becomes a dry, brittle nightmare if I don’t baby it. I have several tried and true products that I love and I only wash it 1-2 times a week, but it still needs more TLC. After reading some recommendations online, I finally decided to try coconut oil a few weeks ago and let me tell y’all, it’s a miracle worker.

The first time I tried it I had just come home from the salon and my hair felt a little more brittle and prone to breakage than normal – I was kind of panicking. Never fear – this all natural, super easy and cheap method helped strengthen your hair, increased shine and decreased breakage. Here’s what I do!


So dry……also, I’m in the process of growing my hair out which is why it looks so awkward.

-First I measure out 1/4 cup coconut oil and put it in a bowl so I’m not putting my hands inside a jar of coconut oil – ew. You might need more but just start with that – your hair might not be as dry or thick as mine and you can always add more later.

-If there are any large chunks that aren’t melted, I just break them up in my hands. No need to microwave or anything like that.


-Next I just start rubbing that stuff all over my hair. I like to just pour a small amount from the bowl into my hands and then apply starting at the top of the head and working backwards. Then I add more to trouble spots that are particularly dry.


Make sure to get the pieces of hair right at your hairline-those baby hairs need some lovin’ too! Sorry this looks like an Instagram filter, the lighting is AWFUL in our bathroom.

-Once my head is totally greased up, I usually take a brush or comb and CAREFULLY run it through my whole head. This helps make sure I didn’t miss any spots. It also gets everything nice and slicked back so I’ve got that snazzy used car salesman look just in time for bed. (If your hair is longer you might want to loosely put it up in a pony tail or bun. You could probably even wrap it up in a small towel. Unfortunately I’m not an expert in the long hair area.) Gotta be honest, I made the husband take some pictures of me after I was done but they were WAY too embarrassing for me to post. Sorry boutcha!


-I don’t think coconut oil stains (don’t quote me on that!) but I usually put a grungey towel down on my pillow just to be safe. Also I try REALLY hard not to move around once I’ve laid my head down so I don’t wake up with a face full of coconut oil.

-In the morning, I usually have to shampoo 2-3 times (remember, I’ve got at least four days worth of product buildup in there PLUS a crapload of coconut oil) and then condition really well. If I can avoid heat styling my hair that day, I do.

-I usually try to do this once a week in addition to other deep conditioning and leave in conditioner on the ends between washes. In other words, if you don’t like babying your hair and conditioning a lot, you probably shouldn’t bleach it.

Let me know if you have any questions, hopefully between the ridiculous photos I made my husband take and the super long explanations, everything makes sense. 🙂